Why do traders lose money?

Emotions! Plain and simple.

The underlying reason why almost all traders fail can be found in our emotions and our conditioning. Trading is psychologically difficult. Our emotions can marry us to a trade, making it impossible to let go of a loss. They can make us revenge trade, over-trade, hesitate, chase the market, etc.. The list goes on and on. You could be handed the most profitable trading strategy known to man. With set rules, predefined entries and exits. You might even occasionally get into the correct mind-set to follow these rules with enough discipline to make the system work. The discipline and patience required are enormous. Then there is the screen time involved. Sitting in front of the monitor watching the markets on multiple screens to catch the right set-up for a trade. It is almost impossible to to adhere to this regimen. Well, there is a better way my friends. Automation! With today’s technology there is no system or strategy that cannot be fully automated, programmed to trade for you around the clock. It is very possible to set up an automated trading system and make money while your sleeping!

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One Response to Why do traders lose money?

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I’ve seen so many traders fall because of emotions, most of them stopped trading after their first mayor loss. I also lost quite some money to my emotions and since i trade with bots i’m doing much better, Not only i finally earn money, but also i have much more free time, which to me has a much higher value than money itself.

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