WAVE Expert Advisor - 
Cutting Edge Forex

WAVE Expert Advisor

WAVE is the end result after 2 years of development using real money live accounts only! Was not developed in a strategy tester!

WAVE trades continuations and reversals that develop after the initial breakout and rides the trend adding positions. The logic goes like this: WAVE looks at the market’s range now (how far it’s moving) compared to the average range. This range, and volatility, is measured using an in house indicator “CEF Breakout Force”. We then measure how far the market price has deviated from the norm during this move using another in-house indicator “CEF Z_Score” (Not your typical Z_Score. This one is done correct). A couple of moving averages are used to keep WAVE out of whipsaws as well. That’s it. Simple and beautiful.

Using this combination of powerful indicators we can measure an incredible amount of information. Using this information we have coded WAVE to trade continuations of breakouts and reversals of breakouts. WAVE uses dynamic self adjusting Target and Stops as well as a Profit Locking feature that adapts WAVE to current market conditions. All variables are exposed and named clearly for a full understanding of WAVE’s logic. This is an amazing tool that can be optimized and used on many instruments and time frames.

WAVE can open up to 10 trades at a time (can be set to any number) in a “basket.” This works very well at capturing trends at the best average price, also adding to winning positions.

Anyone from beginner to professional can install our software and begin trading within minutes.

NOTE: WAVE is not a martingale or a grid. It will not progressively increase trade sizes or enter trades at spaced intervals.

Live Operational Development was done on the EURUSD currency pair using a 5min time frame. Default settings may work fine on other instruments. Wave is also easily optimized to trade on all instruments. Especially those instruments prone to volatility after news releases. (All majors).


WAVE Expert Advisor - Cutting Edge Forex

WAVE Expert Advisor


WAVE Expert Advisor

WAVE Expert Advisor

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WAVE Expert Advisor - Cutting Edge Forex


Setting Risk: For percentage based lots.

Sample Small: Number of bars.

Sample Large: Number of Bars.

Factor: Multiplication factor.

Qualifier ZScore: ZScore entry number.

Period ZScore: Number of bars.

Profit Factor Target: Dynamic TP is based off of a factor this x ATR (Average True Range).

Loss Factor Stop: Dynamic SL is based off of a factor this x ATR.

TP / SL Period: Period of bars for TP / SL ATR.

Period ATR: Period of bars for the ATR Cap.

Cap ATR: ATR must be under this number before the breakout.

MA-1: MA1 Bars.

MA 2: MA2 Bars.

Profit Lock Use: Set true to use Profit Lock feature.

Percent Lock Pro: If this profit retraces the highest percent from the profit has been, trades will be closed. This locks in profits that may have gone to a full stop loss.

Percent Trigger: Current profit must be greater than this percentage of your balance to engage the Pro Lock.

Stop Trail: Trailing Stop in pips.

Spread Max: Max spread allowed.

Positions Add: Allow additional positions.

Positions Max: Max allowed positions.

Digit Broker Five: Set true for 5 digit broker.

Warnings Show: Set true to print warnings and alerts.

Initial Balance Set: Set true to use a specific balance for this instance of EA.

Initial Balance Specify: Specific balance to be used.

Lots Fixed: If using fixed lots. This size will be used.

Based Lots Percent Use: Set true to use risk setting (lots percent based).

Tag Trade: Tag trade for comment.

Display Color: Choose 1-10.

Display Transparent: Set for true transparent display.

Number Magic: Unique identification number for EA.

On Sale for a Limited Time!

Buy WAVE for Only $99

Buy now!

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