• Where can I get Metatrader 4?
  • Metatrader 4 is free to download from places such as Tradersway.

    They also have many helpful resources there for new and experienced traders.


  • How do I install Metatrader 4?
  • Instructions can be found in our installation guide.


  • How do I purchase your Expert Advisors?
  • Cutting Edge Forex EAs are available for purchase on our Buy Now page. You’ll find information about each EA currently available. We’re always working to develop new exciting ideas!


  • How do I install and/or use your Expert Advisor?
  • We put together a User’s Guide for each EA that explains how to install it, how to get it up and running on Metatrader 4, and other information on variables and settings.


  • What is an “EA”?
  • EA stands for Expert Advisor, a common term in the Forex market for trading software.


  • What is Forex?
  • Short for Foreign Exchange Market.


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