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Cutting Edge Forex offers a variety of Forex trading systems for sale. Take a closer look and see which one is right for you. Be up and running FAST with our quick and easy buying options listed below!

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Velocity - Forex Trader - Cutting Edge Forex


Velocity jumps in and out of the market like a ninja, employing an elite strategy used by Big Bank Traders, Hedge Funds, and Professional traders. Follow the smart money with Velocity!

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Buy Now Listing Apex Scalper

Apex-Scalper - Forex Trader - Cutting Edge Forex


Finally a scalper that doesn’t depend on trading around news releases, spikes, and periods of high spreads. Trade like a professional with evolving supply and demand scalping.

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Buy Now Listing Silicon Raptor

Silicon Raptor - Forex Trader - Cutting Edge Forex


CEF’s most advanced tech in Forex Scalpers is here now! SILICON RAPTOR grabs the top of spikes with almost no slippage. No human Trader could ever take these exciting and profitable trades that are over in minutes! A safe, effective system that trades around-the-clock just waiting for it’s time to shine. On average, USDJPY trades nearly everyday. Grab this EA and get started today before the price goes up!



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Buy Now Listing Sentry

Sentry - Forex Trader - Cutting Edge Forex


Sentry scalps market spikes like nothing else available. Sentry brackets news spikes after a pullback for a brand new way to capture steady profits. Sentry scalps post news spike movements for high probability profits in your account.

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Buy Now Listing Silicon Phoenix

Silicon Phoenix Expert Advisor | Forex Scalper | Cutting Edge Forex


Silicon Phoenix Expert Advisor – High Frequency trading algorithm that scalps profits 24-hours a day. This EA captures expanding market volatility for profits, and exits the market quickly, keeping your cash locked in your account. Put this Forex Scalper to work for you!



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Buy Now Listing Ascent II

Cutting Edge Forex - ASCENT II Expert Advisor


Ascent II Expert Advisor the volatility breakout rocket! Capturing the enormous breakouts after high impacting news events, Ascent II has the capability to land an extreme amount of pips into your account. Cutting losses short, and letting profits run while adding positions, is the secret to Ascent II’s success.

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Buy Now Listing WAVE

WAVE Expert Advisor


WAVE Expert Advisor – this momentum surfer navigates troubled waters like a boss, riding momentum breakouts and reversals in the forex market. When the market panics WAVE trades like a cool surfer, adding to YOUR winning positions like a giant cash wave!

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